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Insane Labz Insane Focus.gg 150g

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Insane Focus.gg 150g

Guys and girls who go to the gym get all the attention when it comes to the best supplements. The focus is always on performing your best while lifting weights, doing push-ups, or practicing your sport. What about the people who need insane levels of focus to perform their best in eSports? What about the students and poor souls stuck in the rat race who need something more than bitter coffee? Isn’t there a supplement for those who just want to be more awake and have better levels of attention during their day-to-day? There is; introducing Insane Focus.gg™. Insane Focus.gg is the upgraded formula of its former self, Insane Focus. It’s been specifically developed for the devoted gamer, focused student, and dedicated desk attendant. This next-level formula is packed with nootropics, or brain boosting ingredients, as well as mood enhancers and potent stimulants. It’s everything you need to be at the top of your mental game.


Who Is Insane Focus.Gg For?

Not sure if the super potent blend of nootropics and energy boosters is right for you? Do you fit in any of the following categories?



Regardless of whether you excel at first-person shooters or RPGs, you need all of your mental focus to conquer at your chosen eSport. Insane Focus.gg has been crafted to provide incredible levels of mental energy. The result is better reaction time, improved concentration, and increased cognitive performance. Get ready to dominate on the PC or gaming console of your choice.



Are you chugging down several cups of coffee on your way to school or work? Tired of that bitter taste that doesn’t do much for you? Insane Focus.gg is the coffee placement for anyone who has to deal with an annoying boss or teacher. You’ll be able to absorb everything being tossed at you during meetings or classes, and your feedback will surprise even you.



Admittedly, Insane Focus.gg is for the everyday person who is tired of coffee or who loves to own online. However, the ingredients also lend themselves to be a potent pre-workout supplement that is ideal for your toughest workouts. If you want insane levels of focus and energy during your time at the gym, this is the supplement for you. Use it in the morning before work and again just before your workout.


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